Re-usable Makeup Remover

Re-usable Makeup Remover

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Did you know it takes 100 years for a makeup wipe to breakdown? Help us put an end to the 1.3 billion single use makeup wipes that are disposed of every single day. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing our Re-usable Makeup Remover Pad.

The ultimate makeup remover that makes taking off your makeup an effortless process! Simply by adding water, our ultra soft cleansing pad is designed to unclog pores of impurities. You will wish you discovered this sooner!

Made with 100% Organic Bamboo. This product is not only Vegan and Organic, but is also:

Non-Toxic | Cruelty Free | Reusable | Gentle | Effective | Eco-Friendly

Includes: 1 Re-usable Makeup Remover Pad that lasts for LIFE!!! Yes, you read that correctly. FOR LIFE. 

Directions for use: Use the pad with one of our cleansers or your favorite makeup remover product to cleanse the face. After weekly use, put the used cleansing pad into the washing machine to clean.