Chemical-free Sun Protection Kit

Chemical-free Sun Protection Kit

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100% Natural Chemical-free Sun Protection. 

The sun is one of the skin’s biggest enemies, bombarding the skin with over-drying UV radiation and free radicals. This can cause the skin to look weathered and aged if proper protection is not in place. Using high quality skin care products that create a barrier between your skin and the sun will help you to maintain a healthier, more youthful appearance. The harsh chemicals found in many of the top-selling sunscreen brands can cause more problems with the skin than they are solving, especially when applied daily. RAVENNA BODY PRODUCTS skin care products will give your skin the protection from the sun it needs, without clogging pores, blocking nutrients, or leaving an oily film behind. These products will heal and repair the sun damage that is already present in your skin, and prevent more from occurring.

This kit includes: (everything regular size)

- 1 Vitamin C Sun Serum 

- 1 Seaweed + Sea Moss Cleanser

- 1 Seaweed + Sea Moss Toner

- 1 Seaweed + Sea Moss Face Mask