Our Philosophy

The primary marker of age and structural dermal collapse is tone and clarity. A smooth clear unmarred skin tone allows the light to refract from the skin. This is perceived as beauty and vitality. Mottled, splotchy, uneven and hyper-pigmented skin tones whisper of inflammation, irritation, damage, and age. The glow and appeal of a clear luminous complexion  are very difficult to compensate for when absent. Billions of dollars are spent in the beauty industry attempting to compensate for blotchy uneven skin tone. Think makeup, powder, foundation, primers, bronzers, blushers, shimmer sticks, highlighters, brightening powders, finishing powders, and concealers to name a few. All in pursuit of the appearance of even clear glowing skin.
Used and abused, the hair care industry falls no shorter, right behind. Sulfates and parabens are probably familiar to you. They are well known for being the "danger ingredients" to look out for in hair products. But did you know that there are many others just as bad, if not worse lurking around in your shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hairspray, etc.? Those toxic ingredients provide you the exact opposite of what your looking for - hair thinning and hair loss. A healthy scalp cannot function in a toxic environment.
Alongside with conventional skincare products, hair care products are intentionally made to only be a "quick fix"...giving what you need for the moment, but damaging your health in the long run. Not only are you left with bald spots and acne, but high risks of chronic diseases, cancers and a host of developmental disorders and fertility problems as an after effect of these toxins entering your bloodstream via hair and skin products.
 Here at RAVENNA BODY PRODUCTS, we prefer to address the core of dysfunction in all things related to skin health, healing, repair and beauty. Our understanding is that beauty is the end result of a healthy biology. Thus, RAVENNA BODY PRODUCTS is the medicine for what ails your skin and hair. Not a bandaid…but an actual restoration. 
Meet owner, founder, & CEO of Ravenna Body Products:


Ravenne is a Certified/Registered Yoga Instructor, Yoga practitioner, a dedicated Vegan, and Holistic nutrition student...When I decided to go vegan 7 years ago, I not only changed my eating habits but all of my products. Switching to all-natural products was a huge eye opener for me. What I found to be the most difficult part of transitioning to this plant-based lifestyle was not the foods I was consuming, but the products I was using. After doing intense research, I was horrified at what was in our daily essentials and became very particular about what I use. With not many all-natural products on the market, this became increasingly difficult. That is when the light bulb idea came to me...if I know exactly what I want and don’t want in products, then why not make my own?! That is when I brought my knowledge of science and love of health together to create magic. And that is how Ravenna Body Products was born!