Yoni Soaps

Looking for a soap that is gentle enough for your Yoni? If so, you don't have to look any further. These soaps will exfoliate, nourish, and clean your Yoni leaving you feeling squeaky clean! Benefits:

*Combats yeast infections *Exfoliates *Prevents itching and odor  *Hydrates and moisturizes vaginal area *Has antifungal and antiseptic properties *Helps with dark spots due to shaving or rubbing thighs *Helps with skin irritation *Helps to keep your ph balanced *helps with vaginal dryness *Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties *rejuvenates the body *improves skin complexion *reduces toxins *has calming properties *increase libido *boost fertility *cleanses the yoni *fights odor *prevents dryness *detoxes *prevents bv and yeast infection *regulate menstrual cycle *helps prevent menstrual cramps

Uses: For external use only and can be used daily. Only clean the crevices and outer part of your Yoni. Please DO NOT put these soaps inside your Vagina. The Vagina is self-cleansing. Clean the crevices and the folds.

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